I Am Putting My Best Used Domains Up For Sale So YOU Can Put Them back To Work For YOU!
Some with web sites and some without Please Read. .

Note: Many of these domains are AGED - which means Google will love them even more!

    Some have made Thousands of Dollars Over The Years!


Dear Friend,

I'm what you might call a "domain collector" - I get a great idea for a new product or website, then I go and register a domain for it.

Then, I never actually get around to finishing the project (or even starting it in some cases) and the domain just sits there . . . completely unused. Some are website that have been used in the past with a wbsite files.(Can Reinstall $35 Extra)

I literally have over 200 domain names that I will never get around to using, but could be great domains if someone would actually put some work into it.

So I decided to start selling some of these domains, and I'll be selling them for far less than what I could get if I put these up on an auction site.

Some of these domains could be great for membership sites (think recurring income!), some for training courses, marketing, listbuilding, traffic reselling website traffic reseller sites to. Some are great ways to build your mailing list, traffic text exchanges and some would be great for a blog.  There are a lot of different ways these domains could be used.

The domain's Ones's with the files will state this.

They just need someone who has the time to put in a little work.  Because I'm too busy to work on most of these, you have the opportunity to get top level domain names at a bargain.

Obviously, each domain can only be sold once.  So if you see a domain that is perfect for your next project, be sure to grab it right away before someone beats you to it!

First, the specifics. 

  • I use NameCheap.com as my domain registrar.  If you buy one of these domains, you will need to have a NameCheap.com account so I can transfer the domain to you - it is free to get an account there, and once I transfer it to you there, you are free to transfer it to any registrar you want.  This is the easiest, and more importantly the quickest way to get the domain to you.

  • Once I transfer the domain to you, you will be responsible for hosting the site, I do not provide hosting.

  • Please note that you are purchasing just the domain name, this offer does not come with a product or website (unless noted otherwise).

  • A refund will not be issued once the domain transfer process has begun.  A refund will only be issued if I have not yet begun the transfer process.

  • I am willing to listen to offers for some of these domains.  Contact me at my Email (preciseh@precisehits DOT COM or eandbthompson@GMAIL DOT COM) with an offer.  Keep in mind, however, that while you are negotiating a different price, someone else can grab that domain ahead of you.

Now that we have that out of the way, here are the domains that are currently for sale:


Internet Marketing Domain Names Order
etrafficreseller.com - $650 (Registered 2012) Includes the graphics that can be seen here @ web.archive (files included, these can be edited using free software, and I will install if you want.).  This is a great domain to sell traffic plus traffic reslleing website plus traffic. This site supplies members website traffic & Signups to there products each month. Must know how to edit files to sell websites and install. All files and suppliers list will be sent after payment an best places to advertise.
adblastnetwork.com - $350 (Registered 2013)Website files Included- Wayback Archive here: https://web.archive.org/web/20151224165157/https://adblastnetwork.com/
adboardpro.com - $195 (Registered 2002)Website files Included- Wayback Archive here:https://web.archive.org/web/20160603164726/https://www.adboardpro.com/
clix-r-us.com Plus clix-r-us.Info (Both Domains Only $500 )(Registered 2012)https://web.archive.org/web/20120103092857/https://www.clix-r-us.com/
Can Create The websites That wennt with these websites minus the networks! But that would be Extra Charge of $400 Payed before we start building wibsites.
Fridaynightlist.com - $300 Domain Only(Registered 2012)
Crazyplr.com - $75 (Registered 2012)
eTrafficgenius.com - $75.00 Domain Only(Registered 2014)The websites That went with this websites.Extra $120- Ask I'll send you a header pic.
MagnumList.Com - $250 Domain Only (Registered 2002)
megamoneyemail.com - $125.00 (Registered 2011)
Pinnacleadz.com - $400 (Registered 2013)
Textaliciousadz.com - $500 (Registered 2013)
Spellboundadz.com - $200 (Registered 2013)
Theplrgangster.com - $95 (Registered 2012)
Pop-Traffic.Com - $300 (Registered 2003)PoUp2Go.Com $350 These 2 come togeather with traffic reselling two websites Discount $600 Both
scripts2sell.com - $100 (Registered 2004)
Scripts-N-Software.com - $50 (Registered 2010)
SignUpCops.Com - $150 (With Website-Traffic ResellerPlus Sell Signups) (Registered 2015)
TheScriptStore.Com - $200 Value)ver $1080 (Registered 2002)
Visitors247.Com - $250 Value $1428 No Website (Registered 2005)
WebTrafficDoc.Net - $250 (Domain Registered 2019 @ CheapDomain.Com)( With Traffic Reseller Website
WebTrafficShare.Com - $150 With Traffic Reseller Website (Registered 2016)
WolfClicks.Com - $250 (With Manual Traffic Exchange Plus FFA Exchange) (Registered 2002)


I'm sure you can think of several different ways to use these domains.  Make your decision quickly, you don't want to miss out on a perfect domain for your next project while you're thinking about it.

Once you place your order, you will be taken to a page where you can submit the information I need in order to start transferring the domain to you.

The amount of time this takes can vary, but the domain should be fully transferred to you within 48 hours.  From there, you can start putting it to good use!

If you have any questions about this, or want to negotiate a different price, please send me an email to (preciseh@precisehits,com or eandbthompson@GMAIL DOT COM)

Obviously, I can only sell each domain to one person only.  Once someone has ordered a domain, it will no longer be available.  To make sure you get the domain name you want, place your order as soon as you can.

Refunds: A refund will not be issued once the domain transfer process has begun.  A refund will only be issued if I have not yet begun the transfer process.

Thanks for taking a look, and I hope you find the domain an or website that's right for you!




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